The Time Capsule – Letter to My Son

My dear Ben Ben,

I wrote this letter for you, at the beginning of your 5th grade. By the time you open this time capsule, another busy school year will have come to closure and you will be a year older. Perhaps you will have no time to read my letter as you will then have many of your own priorities, such as getting ready for another super exciting summer excursion.

Time flies. It is hard to believe that the 7 lbs baby is now a 5th grader, a Taekwondo Black Belter, playing classical music, and talking about many things that I have never heard of, especially when it comes to science and social studies. Along the way, you have made me so happy and proud.

The year of 5th grade will pass by quickly, before you realize it. I hope you will be happy, healthy, and productive as always. I hope you will be enjoying every day. You will be learning many new things from the school projects. You will make new friends. You will start to play violin, along with piano.

Life is uncertain – no one knows what is going to happen for sure. But one thing I am always sure of – no matter what grade you are in and how old you are, you are always my adorable baby, my darling. Life will make you too busy to cherish your present time, but some day you will be old enough to start missing your childhood. You may then want to find back this letter, but no one can guarantee its forever existence. It will probably be nowhere to trace, but I shall still be your affectionate mother.




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